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Saying Goodbye to 2016

Let me start this off with by saying that 2016 was a hellish year for most people I know. It was a very difficult year, politically, and  Canada accepted over 39 thousand Syrian Refugees. We lost so many influential celebrities- and for me the loss of Canadian Poet and Musician, Leonard Cohen was the loss I felt the most. He has always been special to me and my family. This is my favourite song of his It touches me deep in the heart.

I don’t really want to go into the politics of the year, but for me personally 2016 was dynamite!

pride-week-logoIn 2016, I finally had the courage to come out to all of my friends and family as bisexual. (Or Queer, as I like to call myself). That lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders, as I had been questioning my sexuality since grade 7. I didn’t understand if I liked women, as I also have a big interest in fashion…so it took a lot of questioning to know whether I liked a woman based on her style or…that she was cute. I had the opportunity to date some fabulous women, and for the future, I know what I do and do not want in my relationships. Through coming out, I have made some spectacular friends, whom I am in contact with on a regular basis with. (I even run a meet up group with one!) I was so scared about coming out, as I was afraid that because I was bi, I would experience biphobia. That is not the case, as I was embraced by everyone. I could not have been happier! I did not experience discrimination from the people in my community, which made me so happy!

2016 I also did my Ted Talk which was amazing and so rewarding! I had worked frantically to produce an excellent talk, (and up to my standards). I expected that my talk might make waves at the conference, but baby, it made a splash! I also had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people, which in and of itself was amazing! I dabbled in entrepreneurship for a bit after that, but then realized that my true calling was Addictions Counselling. Which is my venture that starts this Friday January 5!! I am so excited!! To be heading back to school is truly amazing!


Also- in 2016,(last but definitely not least)  I started to regain my health. I went for long stretches without seizures, and was even able to travel to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto by myself for my friend’s wedding. It was amazing to reconnect with friends that I hadn’t seen in two years or more.

I think the big take away from 2016 for me is that I have gained direction for my life, and what I really want to be doing. It is such a relief to finally have a direction, and to stick to it.

May I go boldly into 2017 with gratitude and confidence.

Lots of love,
Sita and JoJo xox


Travelling Alone with Epilepsy

aug pic

Hey friends!

As you may have noticed I have been MIA this past little while. That’s because I have been on a holiday to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. My friend was getting married, so I decided to make a whole trip of it.

I have been staying with friends my entire trip, so I have no Mom or Dad to run to if something goes wrong. Fortunately, my friends are very supportive of my Epilepsy and know what to do in the event of a seizure, but I have been working hard to avoid my seizure triggers. Today was a particularly seizure-filled day. I ended up having a cluster of 5 seizures within five hours. Yikes! Thankfully my friends were supportive and actually managed to catch me when I was close to falling.

I also have SUPER exciting news! As of July 29, 2016- Life at Full Volume has been running for 4 years!! I am so grateful to you, my reader, who has been able to help me keep this blog going!

I hope your summer is going AMAZING!! Love you lots xox

Livin’ Life Up To Full Volume!


Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe that the weekend has come and gone already?! I sure can’t. I have been having quite the interesting month so far. I have been doing extensive testing at a Neurological Hospital in Montreal, Quebec (Canada!) I’m not sure if I ever mentioned but I’m a Canadian! Ok but that’s besides the point. This weekend I was able to live up life since I have been in the hospital for all these tests. It’s a great hospital, but I am not going to lie I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to see civilization ever again. Thankfully I have been discharged until the 29th, so I spent the past weekend exploring Montreal. It was fantastic!!! I have been to Montreal before, but only for  short chunks at a time. Or, to spend time in the hospital. So, in the past mentioning Montreal has always evoked thoughts about going to the hospital. Nothing more exciting!

Well this weekend my Mom and I went shopping and I found these amazing vintage cowboy boots for 30 bucks! 30 BUCKS!  What a steal! I also found a really cute second hand dress and this really cute bird pin that is made solely of feathers. I already plan on pinning it to a new hat that I have back home. In addition to shopping, I took a million photos. There are so many cool murals all around Montreal (well at least in the area I was) and I have a little digital camera that I can slip discretely in and out of my jacket pocket. It has re-vitalized my passion for photography. I have always been in to taking photos, but lost my camera for a little bit, but then wasn’t super inspired to take photos because I wasn’t seeing anything new. I was also so grateful to get out and about and stretch my legs as they have been mostly chilling in a hospital bed. With every step I took I heard them saying “Thank you Sita! Thank you for using us!”

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100My medication has also been changed up a little bit by my doctors, and I am super pleased to say that I only had one seizure this entire weekend! That is impressive since I was so busy and active. Even though I am here in Montreal for medical reasons, it feels like a quasi-vacation, which is pretty fun!

Hope you had a great weekend! Love you lots! xox