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The Holly hell of The Holidays

Hey bb’s,

Holiday season is upon us! I love the holidays, despite that where I live we rarely get a white Christmas, it is still fun to put up your tree, buy gifts, and write Christmas cards.

I asked WeYou're invited to anfor  addresses for so many Christmas cards, and since  we are living strange and worrisome times, multiple friends asked why I could have their mailing address. Is sending Christmas cards that old school?! I guess so.

Since I have made multiple big changes in my life and I am still adjusting- my neuropsychiatrist told me I am not allowed to work. He told me I need to relax more, and I had to ask him what he meant by “relax”. I am not a relaxer by nature- I love gallivanting around, seeing friends, being in Starbucks, making new plans and cleaning the house. (OK it’s an apartment but it’s easier to clean than when I was living with my parents.). I also love Fri-dates and Satur-dates with my fiancee. It has been hard to relax, as I got all of my Christmas shopping done and sent out a million Christmas Cards. (OK only ten lol).

Like anything, there is always a downside to Christmas. My epileptologist told me that Christmas is the biggest time where his patients have seizures. Last year I was out with seizures for 5 days after Christmas day. I find it exhausting to do two back to back things on one weekend, and as much as I love my family, too much family time can be too much! Despite being an extrovert by nature, I get sleepy earlier than most people. I am grateful that I am in a family that understands when I need a nap. My fiancee also wants to make sure that I am not “over doing it” so for that I am eternally grateful.

If you have a personal friend or family member in your life with a chronic illness, or even mental health issues, please be mindful that we are doing the best we can. We don’t have tonnes of energy, and sometimes pain, or  feeling overwhelmed gets to the best of us. The best gift you could give us is kindness and understanding that we are sometimes extra tired. If we have to miss out on something, such as due to having too many seizures, we don’t mean to.

Lots of love,
Sita & Jojo

P.S. Yup that’s the tackyaf tree that me and fiancee have. It was my idea, of course 😉


Seizures During the Holiday Season


Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I have officially purchased a domain name. http://www.lifeatfullvolume.net is now my blog URL!!

I was recently told that I was selected for TedxStanleyPark in May 2016 which is SUPER exciting!! I am elated that I have been given this opportunity. More updates as the time comes closer though 😉

Let’s be real and talk about the tough stuff. I LOVE the holidays. I love the cheer, merriness, plus who are we kidding- FOOD that comes along with it. But with all of this comes a ton of socializing, late nights, and sometimes missed meds.

I have found it to be very tiring with all of this holiday stuff- just because I am usually tired all of the time. I need tons of extra rest to prevent seizures in the future. Sadly, I am not the greatest at getting rest, so I have had some bad seizures in the past few days. Boo.

My tips for you during this holiday season would be:

1. Get tons of sleep! Sleep whenever possible- if even a 20 minute power nap.
2. Go easy on the booze. We all know that alcohol can lower your seizure threshold.
3. Be extra vigilant with medications- with so much going on it is easy to forget.
4. Reach out to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes just talking it out helps a lot.
5. Know when to say no! It is so fun to socialize and party, but if you are actually really tired- just say no. If you have good friends they will understand.
6. Lastly think about some new years goals regarding your health that could be put in place. You might just surprise yourself!

Lots of love! xox

Happy Holidays From me to You!!!

215085_10150148564450776_3032643_nHappy Holidays from me to you!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hannukah. (Or all three!) I know this time of year can be hard on some, so try to keep your stress levels low as the holidays needn’t be perfect. If you are alone this Holiday season, try to phone a friend and spread some of the cheer.

I am super busy during this holiday season, but I wanted to share it with you!

May you be happy, healthy and full of spirit. A new year is coming, so that is always room for potential growth!

Love you all! xox