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Living Chronically ill With Awesome Fashion

Hey guys! Boo! It’s almost Halloween!

-Friends are born,not made.- (1)It is fitting, because I’ve had a scary awesome revelation about what I want to pursue in my life.

Last weekend, I did a workshop called “Find Your Why”. Some of the principles are based off of  Simon Sinek’s thinking. -Check out some of his ideas here .The main idea being the golden circle. You operate from Why at the middle, then What and Where in the outer circles. If you think of it many of us operate from “what”. Through this workshop I learned that I wanted to empower women with chronic illnesses and make them feel amazing from the  inside out through fashion and vlogs. Wow!! I had been stuck in such a rigid idea of social work, that I hadn’t allowed my mind to wander.

Through my new business, CHRONIC FASHION, I will give style makeovers, photoshoots, and someone else to step in with hair and make up. I can also act as a coach, since I am a Registered Social Worker.

Even though I have been seizure free lately (YASS!) I totally believe that if you have an illness, dressing well can make you feel better about yourself!

If you want to follow my new business and see how it progresses, join CHRONICFASHION on facebook, and  ChronicFashion65 on instagram and Twitter!
Finally, what would you like to see as someone helping a person with a chronic illness through fashion? What would you want?

Lots of love,
Sita & JoJo









Making Head Safety Fun!

IMAG1422Hey everyone! I have finally decided to talk about a topic that is very hard to talk about. I wear a helmet. I was super embarrassed to wear one for the past two years, so with one of my helmets I always put a toque or beanie over it. It looked ridiculous in the summer (or I  looked like a hipster in a dress) but I didn’t want to reveal my secret.

When I got my first serious concussion my Mom put her hands down and said “that’s it!!” So I had to get a new helmet from OptiCool. The helmet was pretty cool, as the brand suggests, but I was still embarrassed to wear it, as it made me feel like a dork.

Today, I went on a culture crawl with my Mom, and there was a table where you could decorate your own hat! Since I didn’t have a hat, I decorated my helmet! I love my helmet so much now that  I don’t even want to take it off. As my friend Cimarron would say “You trailblazer,  you”.

So look, safety doesn’t have to be dorky or uncomfortable. If you don’t get an aura before a seizure, you can still make a helmet fun. It’s also a great conversation starter! Also consider this- wouldn’t you rather be safe than have multiple concussions? My new and improved helmet also makes me feel stylish!!

(Here’s a side view of my new and improved helmet) IMAG1421

Happy Sunday!

Sita Gaia

5 Simple Steps for a Fabulous Outfit

IMAG0796Hey guys! How are you? I would like to announce that I am adding on a Fashion section to my site. My life isn’t Epilepsy 24/7, and I actually have some hobbies and a life outside of it. hah.
One of my big interests is Fashion. When I was in my teens I used to watch What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. They taught me so much about fashion! Somehow I managed to retain that information, and without further ado, will unveil it to you:

1. Think about what part of you that you would like to accentuate the most. For me, it’s usually my waist because it is the smallest part of me. Everyone chooses to accentuate different aspects of themselves and I think that is totally rad!

2. Think about what colours look good on you. If you are fair skinned like I am, it might be best to veer away from colours like yellow and orange. It is always important though to try many options, because clothing looks different on you than when its on a hanger.

3. In turn, you don’t want to look like a rainbow. (Unless that’s your look!) It’s always great to pair colours with a neutral, such as black, grey, beige and sometimes navy blue works well.

4. What do you want to say to the world? Think about what your clothing says to the world about you. For example, I am wearing a plaid top with black pants, but it is paired with a cute head band and bracelets. I am also wearing a slight hint of lip gloss and mascara. This outfit cannot be mistaken for anything but girly, which is what I am.


5. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Also, fit is always preferable over the size on the tag. What does that mean? For example, if you are usually a size 6, but a size 8 fits you better at a clothing store- don’t fret! Clothing companies make their clothes in all different sizes, so you could be a 6 at one store but an 8 at another. It’s not a big deal!

One Bonus Tip: Make the outfit YOU! With my bracelets and headband, it is no doubt me inside and out.

What are your fashion tips?? I wanna know!

Love you lots! xox